Willful Action Role Playing

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-- To define a type of role playing which could be a good standard to promote amongst a core player community. To promote a simplistic system, rather than describe guidelines/rules.

-- Willful -- Role playing is not enforced in Domdaria, but encouraged to take place amongst any willing participants. A player should never be forced into role playing, or made to feel uncomfortable for not engaging.

-- Action -- Domdaria is a world which prides itself in hybridization of MUDs and MMORPGs, leading to the idea that descriptions should be short but meaningful; we encourage role play to be fun and exciting when possible. OK, 'action' sounds cool and makes a better acronym.

-- Role -- Taking on the role of your character means acting in the way he or she would act in the current situation. Be as interesting or uninteresting as you please.

-- Playing -- Never forget that Domdaria is meant to be an enjoyable, fulfilling world for all players. We keep a comfortable atmosphere of playing a game, even when taking on dark or chaotic characters. If we can have fun and make fun for others, the whole world would be a better place.

This defined roleplay theory could serve as a corner stone for the desired atmosphere of those engaging in roleplaying within Domdaria.