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It's been nearly one hundred years since the cataclysm. The ancient kingdoms which fell during a thousand years of war have been nearly forgotten, as are the names of the twelve renegade angels who influenced and corrupted the cosmos (which most say was created by the 'One'). Since the cataclysm, the world has been cast in eternal light since the never-ending day began ( (a.k.a. the curse of never-ending day). Most have never seen the starry sky, or danced in the moonlight -- night is just as far away as heaven. With that basic contrast between light and dark broken, the very balance of life and death has been thrown into chaos. The independent merchant city of Toldara and her rival, the chaotic monarchy of Bargof, have come to a shaky cease-fire, as everyone waits for a sign of what is to come. Welcome to Domdaria!

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