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Game Vision

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Overall Vision[edit | edit source]

Create a fun, innovative game world rooted in-between text based and graphical MU*s/MMORPGs.

  • Target Audience: novices and veterans of MU*s/MMORPGs alike, whether you are a casual or semi-hardcore gamer.
  • Game Challenge: somewhere between medium and hardcore, you can hack-and-slash or explore, roleplay or complete puzzling quests.
  • Original Content: the story of our world is carefully considered and written into descriptions, interactive conversations with non-playable characters, and our in-depth quests, enriching to your gaming experience but never stifling your enjoyment.
  • Beyond Grinding: unlike many games in both text and graphical genres, you won't always just be grinding away your time doing the same thing, we strive for a dynamic and interactive experience.
  • Short-Term Goals: finish all features currently in-progress, complete and polish enough content for at least a few weeks of fun, active gaming, before an 'official' public beta.
  • Long-Term Vision: create a sustainable lively community, a fleshed-out interactive text/graphic game world, integrate mobile/tablet capabilities.
  • Commercial Success: rather than an attempt to get rich, it is the creator's hope the game itself will succeed, at the moment sustainability would be success. Please consider a contribution so we can keep the lights blinking on the servers. [(Of course, it would help the frequency and volume of updates if we may be blessed with economic viability. ;-))]