Active Game Mastering

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ACTIVE GAME MASTERING—The role of an active game master is one who has mastered the game and uses this mastery to benefit users' enjoyment of Domdaria. This can be done "behind the scenes" or as an active character engaged in roleplay.

-- A GM should encourage light roleplaying as this will increase the chances of pulling off a higher quality of interaction.

-- A zone of exits going to different zones' rooms can be an effective way to 'spawn' invading NPCs.

-- Events are scheduled live GM session gaming and light roleplay situations for communal interaction and enjoyment. Events can incorporate automated quests with elements requiring GM interaction for a truly MUD/MMORPG hybrid style.

-- *Tip: Write out 'script' such as world-echo commands you can envision using.

-- Players who are simply 'playtesting' or otherwise not interested in engaging in roleplay or being played with from 'behind the scenes' must be respected, and the GM should give such a player some space and privacy.

-- When acting as a rival or antagonist, always keep a friendly disposition with the player OOC, perhaps in the gossip channel, or after a great session of roleplayed strife.